“In God We Trust”

“Black and White
in the streets of New Orleans”

Yves Elizalde

“Walking down Canal Street in New Orleans where I use to walk with my mother when I was a child. I feel the same as I did when I was a child. I also see it the same. Let me take a photo so I can remember this moment, but wait I don’t have a camera. That’s ok I can just use my mind. Click Click....”

“Some people are working,
some are discovering what lies
here in New Orleans.
For me I am doing a little of both.”

“New Orleans has everything you want and more.
That’s why you have to be careful what you want
because it will take you.”

“Process is the beauty of life.
It’s always going to be random and out of nowhere
but always from a reason. 
You just have to accept it. Just let it take you. Then when you do that. Things will be flowing from your imagination till it becomes
a reality. Where you will see, taste, feel and be it.”

“Ones Before Us”
Yves Elizalde 

Studying ones that have come before me is something I have rejected in my mind. It’s the bad Ego, wanting to be original. Thinking you can do alone. Thats something we all as a whole have issues with.I have learn and seen. The truth is that No-one should think that way, we are original even if we are inspired by others.

It is also just the start. If you learn to make Meatballs from your mother,  they’re not going to come out the same. Over time of making them without her you will learn to make changes to them, sometimes because you won’t have the exact ingredients she calls for or you want to change somethings from it. So the recipe will change over time and you practicing to make them over the years you would master that dish in your own way.

When I see my good friend Ozzie cook his grandmother recipes, he tried at first to cook just like her. Overtime he started to experiment with the same dishes he learn from her and now he staring to have his own taste and style with those dish. The more he makes it, the more original it becomes.

We must accept the gifts from ones before us.

Understanding My Ego 
Yves Elizalde 

When I start to hate on something or someone thats my ego knock on the door, fear. The more days I live in this body, the more I have started to understand and accept it. From there I worj on correcting myself. It comes too natural at times which I can’t control it at times but I never speak of it only feel it. Which gives me time to try to understand it or do something about it.  

Usually when this happens I let go of the feeling. I usually feel better because it’s just me making a assumption of something or someone. I have seen this with my parents and most people in this world. It is really hard to fight it. A battle worth fighting for I would say.

All this is said because this effects me overall. It has effects me with others and myself. I want to face it and just let go of it. When I do let go of it I won’t fear it.  

So when it come to the images I capture, this will be a underlying story of all of them. I hope that in my process I will see the change in my ego. From two years ago to now I have seen it myself, the change.

Yves Elizalde 

Why do I Love photos?  My mother is what inspired me to love moments.I would spend hours looking at photos of my childhood because the photos my mother took of our life togther were beautuful. They moved me alot,  like watching a film about our lives through the eyes of my mother.
She took photos in black and white, they always seem timeless. It could be something that was taken yesterday or 20 years old.

Now I continue something she gave to me without actually forcing upon me. I am the one that seek it out because in a way she did taught me, You are the greatest Thank you.


It took me a long time to accept who I am and the things I am passionate about. Moments are one of them. This is the beginning of sharing with you all. Writing about the moments I have lived and documenting them.

Yves Montero Elizalde (American, b.1991)

Yves is a multidiciplinary artist born and raised in New Orleans. In all aspects of photography, his mission is to broaden the youth’s world view through the lens of his camera.

With focus in cities that often go overlooked and the faces that seem to be forgotten, Yves strives to expose the stories that make these people and places unique and beautiful.

As a creator, the focus of his expression is photography within installations, fine art conceptual videos and story telling.
The artist’s focus is to bring about social change in cohesion with healing himself through his work.